Anti-Depression Social Group

In 2009, a study on the relationship between situation of Kashmir and depression found that the prevalence of depression in the region is over 55 percent and those suffering, are between the age group 14-35. The decline in psychological health has led to an increase in substance use and suicide in Kashmir.

In our society, people don’t talk about depression. They don’t detect depression. People never go to see a psychiatrist.

Whatever the causes be – social or personal. This calls for an anti-depression social group apart from getting the psychiatric help.

The first of its kind, “The Roller Coaster Ride Anti-Depression Social Group” is a non-profit anti-depression social group that holds social meetings every Sunday. These meeting are held for those who need help with their social and personal issues.

A place where you can open up and share your fears, worries, anything and everything that bothers you. Be it as silly as it can be or as serious as it is. You will get a friend to share your problems with, a shoulder to cry on so as to relieve yourself, and a counselor to guide you through your tough times. Here you will leave behind all your anxiety, stress and depression and head towards a happier life.

Here people can talk about their problems and discuss the situations where they have won over depression. All this will be done in the presence of psychological counselors, who can help you get over your problems in the best way possible.

All you need to do is contact us and get on the track to better life.

P.S: Your identity will be kept confidential until and unless you don’t reveal your true identity to the other member of the group.
We are glad to help.

Contact us on: +91 9018037090

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