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He is..

​He is my poetry

My blessing

My gateway to heaven.

He knows my straight face 

And the unsaid reasons behind my frowns

He knows my smile

He is peace to my heart

The medicine to my sickness.

And soul to my body

He is..

And he will be

My gateway to heaven.

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30 Days of Curfew and Counting

30 Days of Curfew and Counting
68 Dead Civilians and Counting
300 Pellet Blinds and Counting
6000 injured Civilians and Counting
5 Year olds to 80 year olds and Counting
Women, Children, Elderly and Counting
Catch and Kill, PSA (Public Safety Act *Abused) and Counting
AFSPA (Armed Force Special Power Act *Abused), Shoot at Sight and Counting
For those who are somehow Living; Hours, Minutes and Seconds they are Counting
It’s Head Ache, Heart Ache, Depression and Counting
It’s thinking will they die with a Bullet, a Teargas Shell, a Pellet and Options they are Counting
Every Second of Oppression we are Counting
Every Minute the Media Hides the truth we are Counting
Waiting for the day, Justice Will Be Delivered, we are COUNTING

©Liah (Irtiqa)


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A Downtown Family

A Downtown Family
A 19 year old Son
A Kerosene Depot
Year 1991

Standing with his Mother
Waiting for their turn
What was about to happen
The things they never Learnt

A BSF(Border Security Force) Personnel
A Shot from his Gun
A Smile on his face
For killing an Innocent one

A dead Body Bleeding
In front of His Mother
So Cheap are our Lives
They Don’t even Bother

And as the Thunder Stroke her Heart
She fell on her Knees
Asking her Dead Son
To wake up Please

A Downtown Family
Year 1992
A 20 Year Old Daughter
In her Room-near the Closed Window-Combing her hair, What happened next, She hardly Knew

A Gun
and a Shot
Target Killing
and What Not

She fell down Silent
Without even a Scream
Her family Mourning her
and her Shattered Dreams

They were not the First
They were not the Last
It is our Present
It happened in the Past

Kashmir – Divided between India and Pakistan
Against our own will
There Law and Order
and their Catch and Kill

You turned our Paradise into a Hell
Its Time to end this Illegal Occupation
Oh! the Largest Democratic Nation
Stop this Human Rights Violation

©Liah (Irtiqa)

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A Paradox – Kashmir

The Darkness Visible – My Nation(Read Kashmir)

The Living Dead – We the people of Kashmir

The Friendly Takeover – India

The Cruel Kindness – Pakistan

The Loosely Sealed – LoC

The Open Secret – Kashmir Dispute

The Wise Fool – UN

The Impossible Solution – Plebiscite

The Absent Presence – International Media

The Falsly True – Indian Media

The Clearly Misunderstood – The Kashmiris

The True Lies – What Indians/Pakistanis believe 

The Deafening Silence – Central Government

The Beggarly Rich – Politicians

The Negative Growth – Occupying Forces in Kashmir

The Comfortable Misery – Curfews

The Alone Together – Section 144 CrPC

The Transparent Nights – Mid Night Raids

The Found Missing – The Disappeared ones

The Silent Screams – Gang Rapes

The Random Order – The Civilian Killings

The Conspicuous Absence – The unmarked Mass Graves

The Exact Estimate – Civilian Death Toll

The Joyful Sadness – Just Injured not Killed

The Loud Whisper – Broken Families

The Sad Smiles – Our Children

The Static Flow -Our Freedom Struggle

©Liah (Irtiqa)

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Kashmir – The Bleeding Paradise

I Come from a place called Heaven on earth,
Where mothers mourn after giving birth,
‘Cause they know what lies in the fate of their child
Either they will be killed or will become pellet blind
We believed in you as a good neighbor
But you turned every individual of this nation into a bereaver
Kashmir is NOW called a bleeding paradise
Tired of your fake Promises and Lies
We lost our childhood to this illegal Occupation
We have had enough of you, and your “Integral Part of your Nation”
My heart aches when I hear the cries
When each day a couple of us dies
You harass our sisters, you kill our brothers
You gift us with broken families and silently dying fathers
Disappeared men and tortured families
Don’t know whether to Wait for them, or to fulfill their funeral formalities
You defined a new term for us, and lo!
You termed the wives of the disappeared as half widow
Oh, Wait! Is that an unmarked mass-grave,
And for this act of yours, your country men call you brave
We know your ways to kill and your torture centers
We still remember those gang rapes and fake encounters
Cause what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
We know freedom wont come soon, but it wont take much longer
And Kashmir will Rise Again, Like a blooming Flower
It will be our place, our happy home, Where no one will ever Suffer.
©Liah (Irtiqa)
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My Life – My Way

Let me live my life my way.

Let me do what i feel is best for me.

Let me make mistakes and learn from them.

Let me grow up like I should.

Mama, Papa…

Let your girl know the real meaning of life.

I don’t want to grow up accepting other’s decisions and choices.

I want to be responsible for what I do in my life.

I don’t want to blame you

Nor do I want to regret not accepting what my heart wanted.

I want to live MY LIFE, not yours not anybody else’s.

And don’t you have the duty of easing my path.

I promise, I’ll make you proud.

I just need you to trust me and let me go,

let me fly to my destination.

I promise Mama Papa you will be glad that I made this decision,

when you will look back years later.

Please don’t bound me to the society, the  marriage, the PhD degrees.

I’m the one who has to Die when its time for me to Die

So Let me Live my Life, my Way

I want to live MY LIFE, I really want to

and I want to live it MY WAY.