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Never say NO to exercise.

After 7 months of rough work( not workout :p ) I see that I have gained an inch at my waist and that is totally UNBEARABLE.

I’m no fitness freak but hey I’m a GIRL. And show me one girl who is not more or less concerned about her figure (not weight gain, I would love to gain weight but my dear body please don’t gain any fat).

So now on the top of to-do list it will be hitting the gym, or aerobics or continuous cardio exercise or what so ever these respected fitness trainers call it.

Spending time with one, has taught me many things. OK! Today I’m I want to accept I have learnt dedication from you. The way you have remained dedicated to your gym and exercise, I salute u and your dedication.

And let me tell you guys it is no easy work, and as they say its not just exercise or gym or learning complicated terminologies or science about your body and fitness, its a complete life style. ( love the one who told me this).

But I’m not yet ready for this complete life style, I just want my body to be in good shape and without that extra layer of fat.
Let me try to stick to what so ever fitness regime the fitness trainer finds better for me.

And I think I should ask that fitness trainer to write articles for this website so that the people who want to know about fitness can check back and get something informative from here.

Till then let me try burning some calories.



I’m Liah Qureshi ( My real name is Irtiqa Qureshi, I go with Liah as my pen name). Im a girl in my 20 somethings, trying my bit to make this world a better place to live in. I am a Journalist and a stick-to-radio person. I write sometimes when I think my writings can make some productive change. Apart from being a Journo and a radio freak, I work as a freelance Voice Artist, a Counselor, a Blogger, a YouTuber (this happens just sometimes and that too randomly plus i don't have a fan base or something like that on YouTube :P ), Social Activist and an Emcee too (all on an individual level). I love to study Psychology in my free time(If ever I get some). And I am Loving my Life. You can Check out my Social Media links given on this page.

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