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Lesson for Life.

❝I was travelling in a train to Goa and was sleeping in the upper berth. There came a group of transgender people and all my friends got a bit nervous and tensed. It is mostly seen in local trains that they behave badly when people refuse to give them money. I didn’t want to get into trouble. I pretended to be asleep and one of my friends gave Rs 10 Rs and said it’s from all of us. But my other friend wanted to have some fun and called out to that person loudly saying “one is on the upper berth from whom you didn’t ask money.” They thought it was funny because I had no money. My money was in the bag which was under the seat. I was cursing my friend for this and that person was laughing as he stood in front of me. I finally managed to give Rs 5 which I found in one of my pockets. The weird thing was, for the first time in my life I didn’t feel nervous or afraid of these people. It may be because I had a small conversation while I was searching my pockets. I just went near the door after that. After around 10 minutes, that person came from the other end of the coach. I was sitting near the door, looking out. I turned around and saw her (the person was dressed like a lady. I’ll so call that person “her”) and don’t know why I replied when she said “hi”. I just stood and started the conversation. I asked ” why do you people do this begging in train? Its not even begging. You people demand money.” She answered with a smile, “Most of us are uneducated and we’ll never find a job and are abandoned by our family. We don’t have a choice.” I got a little curious and so asked: “Abandoned by family? Do you know who your parents are? ” She: “I know who they are. At least they put me in some Anathashram (Orphanage) and were not like others who left their kids on the streets.” Me: “They visit you sometimes?” She: “No. Only my brother visits sometimes in few lonely places. Most of the times, because he needs some money.” Me: “Why can’t you start a business of your own? Guess you make a lot of money here.” She: “No. We all work together. We have to share it among ourselves. Moreover we need to give a large share to one who’s in charge of the area.” I was surprised to hear they had a leader too! Me: “Oh okay. Still you can start some small business like a tea shop or something right?” She: “Ya guess I can. I never actually thought of that. It might work.” Me: “Hmm. So how will your life be? I mean, you don’t have family and no true friends. So what do you hold onto in your life?” She: “I don’t know about others. I take care of a few children who are like me and so are abandoned by their family and left on the streets. I find my happiness there. They are unaware of why people look at them differently and children of their age are not allowed to play with them. I play with them, take them to movies sometimes. It’s all I have in my life.” I was ashamed of myself for being one among this society which shows sympathy for people who are handicapped, who suffer from diseases and even people who comes of a jail for doing horrible things in life but not for these who are left with no other option but to humiliate themselves and suffer for the mistakes of a gene. Society which has forgotten these people exist!! But she’s helping these children. No matter what she does, I still found her to be a true human. While I was thinking, a man passed who sells puri in the train. She called him and asked for two plates. I told “No thanks. I don’t want one.” She replied, ” It’s OK brother. I know you don’t have change. I’ll buy one for you.” I didn’t say anything but said thanks after I finished eating. I was about to leave when she told “Thank you. Most of them won’t talk to us too.” I said: ” I was one of them who didn’t talk to you people and from now on, I won’t be. ” She smiled and replied: “I am thinking of starting a small tea shop. It’s not a bad idea either, but you must promise to be the first customer.” I replied: I’ll be the one customer who will also bring my friends convincing them that they will have the best tea of their life. Hope I won’t have to lie to them. She just smiled. I left a few steps and turned back and went to her and asked “Your number? I’ll know when you start your shop right?” She gave her number and took mine. It’s been a month. I received a call yesterday. She asked if I still remember her. I told I am still waiting to bring my friends. She said I am gathering money and she wanted to keep that promise of making the best tea too. She talked for few minutes. I sensed a feeling of happiness in her. After the call, I was the one who felt happy. I thought I now have one true friend added to my group. And now, I am waiting for that call which says “Remember me bro? It’s time you bring your friends!!”❞ Written By – Hemanth Poornachandra



I’m Liah Qureshi ( My real name is Irtiqa Qureshi, I go with Liah as my pen name). Im a girl in my 20 somethings, trying my bit to make this world a better place to live in. I am a Journalist and a stick-to-radio person. I write sometimes when I think my writings can make some productive change. Apart from being a Journo and a radio freak, I work as a freelance Voice Artist, a Counselor, a Blogger, a YouTuber (this happens just sometimes and that too randomly plus i don't have a fan base or something like that on YouTube :P ), Social Activist and an Emcee too (all on an individual level). I love to study Psychology in my free time(If ever I get some). And I am Loving my Life. You can Check out my Social Media links given on this page.

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