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The alarm rang and it was 9 am in the morning, I got up and started to get ready to face my fate, I had an appointment with the radiologist.

Yeah google maps does help. I had booked an appointment online, not knowing how far the clinic is and how I have to reach there. so somehow I reached the clinic pretty much earlier then I had expected.

The doc had to come by 10 am. and I was waiting. You see when you are afraid of the moment that is sure to come, it becomes hard to wait, you just want that moment to pass by somehow.

I had not slept the whole night, thinking what the result of the tests will be, am I suffering from that problem that I never ever imagined of. I had spent the night googling the details and info about the problem.

There was no turning back now. This was the best I could do to help myself. It was the first time I was out of my state and I had to visit a doctor, I was all alone, laying there on the doc’s bed saying to myself it will all be ok.

I wanted my loved ones to be there for me. It was just a test to diagnose what was wrong, but then it was a big thing for me. I already had had a talk with my mom before the test, and dispite she was so far from me i knew she was there for me.

The doc was a good lady, very polite and professional. she explained everything. I got the test results, and unfortunately I was diagnosed with the problem. I came out of the clinic and sat in the clinic park, called my mom and cried my heart out.

I had already seen so much in this messed up life ,I just wanted to be fine. But life never gives you what you want And the so called special special people in my life that I thought will be there for me left me alone.

If they would have been at my place, I would have never left them. and they know this, I never left their side, not in the worse of situations, time has tested my relationships and I always passed with A+. but let it be, I have my family with me, and soon enough I will be fine. and those people wont find a way back in my life.

The problems that come to you, not only test your will power to keep going, but they filter your relationships as well.

So, Always Thank God for whatever phase you go through. And always remember “You Came Alone And You Will Go Alone”,

Never trust people more than yourself. It’s you who will have to take a stand.

… to be continued



I’m Liah Qureshi ( My real name is Irtiqa Qureshi, I go with Liah as my pen name). Im a girl in my 20 somethings, trying my bit to make this world a better place to live in. I am a Journalist and a stick-to-radio person. I write sometimes when I think my writings can make some productive change. Apart from being a Journo and a radio freak, I work as a freelance Voice Artist, a Counselor, a Blogger, a YouTuber (this happens just sometimes and that too randomly plus i don't have a fan base or something like that on YouTube :P ), Social Activist and an Emcee too (all on an individual level). I love to study Psychology in my free time(If ever I get some). And I am Loving my Life. You can Check out my Social Media links given on this page.

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