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Had to write a piece for Cosmo
The theme was College.
So here you go.

Happy Reading.

My classmates could see me walking hurriedly towards the university building, wiping off my tears I enter the classroom. It was one of the early summer mornings, the sun was up so bright and the air was full of life. It was my last day as a student, my last exam. Sure it was a big day of my life.

Things were not going as I had planned though, but then that is life. Nothing goes as per your plan. But it’s never the worse,
…or may be it is. This is worse, this situation I was in IS worse. I never wanted this, not in the worse of my nightmares.

On one end I was fighting back in a broken relationship. I had totally lost it, what could I do to make it work. What ever I did was making things more complicated. I wanted things to work out, could not believe the one who was there for me just some days ago is the “known stranger” now.

You see life can be a total bitch, full of surprises, or more specifically shocks. and here I was getting the biggest surprise and shock of my life, surprised to see the person change, and shocked to see the life taking a sharp U-turn from happiness . And on the other end a good old friend, lets call him ‘ABC’, was trying to take advantage of the situation I was in.

With random thoughts suffocating me to death I realised that I’m not enough prepared for the project presentation, I turned towards my best friend, we share more sisters than friends and more friends than sisters kinda bond. We had completed this project together. I handed her the laptop and asked her to carry on the presentation. I could see the surprise in her eyes, I had never done this, but today if I went wrong this could mean a blow to her career as well. And I wanted her and me to be in safe hands, and this was the perfect decision for that situation.

I could see my life unfolding as the slides changed on the screen. My tears could not stop flowing, I needed the most important person of my life to be with me at this moment, when ‘ABC’ whom I trusted as a friend smacked me down on the floor face down.

The last presentation of the last exam went good. I was happy, may be for a few moments only, but I was happy that at least one thing came to an end on a good note.

The moment we left the university, I had a talk with my best friend, told her about my situation. And at last I decide it’s me who has to take a stand for myself, I know I can’t get that important person back in my life, but I also can’t let anybody take advantage of my helplessness, I decided to teach ‘ABC’ a good lesson. I made a decision and stood firm. And then things changed and by the time I reached home, everything was on place, except that one person who was close to my heart and soul. I missed him.

My bestie had stayed back for the night, she knew I needed her the most, she was the only person I could rely upon. we talked for hours. I don’t remember when I fell asleep, wishing what ever happened in the last few days was a bad dream.

All the suffering are supposed to end one day, and all there will be left is happiness and a life that has taught us how to get up when we are pushed down.


… To Be Continued



I’m Liah Qureshi ( My real name is Irtiqa Qureshi, I go with Liah as my pen name). Im a girl in my 20 somethings, trying my bit to make this world a better place to live in. I am a Journalist and a stick-to-radio person. I write sometimes when I think my writings can make some productive change. Apart from being a Journo and a radio freak, I work as a freelance Voice Artist, a Counselor, a Blogger, a YouTuber (this happens just sometimes and that too randomly plus i don't have a fan base or something like that on YouTube :P ), Social Activist and an Emcee too (all on an individual level). I love to study Psychology in my free time(If ever I get some). And I am Loving my Life. You can Check out my Social Media links given on this page.

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